If you are experiencing issues with GPS location tracking on iPhone, try some of these steps.

Keep Hawk Eye running in the foreground

If you use another App, make sure to return to Hawk Eye, to ensure that iOS does not suspend or terminate Hawk Eye, or prevent accurate GPS tracking.

Enable location services on iOS 8 and 9:

Hawk Eye must have access to your location at all times in order to properly track your location. To enable this visit:

iOS Settings App > Privacy > Location Services > Hawk Eye > Toggle Hawk Eye to "Always"

For iOS 8 and 9, Location Services needs to bet set to "Always" in for users to track their locations with zero GPS interruptions, or successfully use multiple apps concurrently with Hawk Eye. If set to "While Using" the app will not record unless the screen is left on, and this could cause interruptions to your location tracking. Selecting "Never" will prevent any tracking of location data with Hawk Eye. 

If the GPS and Location Services Settings are enabled properly, try the following steps, they are known to resolve almost all issues.

- Turn off Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is known to decrease the accuracy of your GPS and also cause network data transfer conflicts.

- Navigate to your device's System Settings and from the Date and Time settings enable automatic time zone. This will prevent GPS points from being reported at an incorrect time when connecting to a GPS signal.